ADHD and Healthy Chocolate

(memory and focus)

Today's discovery is that dark chocolate is beneficial for the majority of ADD and ADHD people.

(Journal of Physiology and Behavior)

Visual working memory and reaction times improve




ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

is a neurobehavioral disorder characterised by

  • Inattention
  • Distractibility
  • Impulsivity
  • Hyperactivity

These are 3 subtypes of ADHD

  • Predominantly hyperactive
  • Predominantly inattentive
  • Combination Type

ADHDとは - 注意欠陥・多動性障害


  • 不注意
  • 散漫
  • 衝動
  • 多動


  • 活動過多型
  • 不注意優勢型
  • 複合型


7.4% of children 3-17 years old have been diagnosed with ADHD (4.7 million)

  • Symptoms usually appear around 7.
  • They include:

  • Inability to hold information in short term memory
  • Impaired organization and planning skills
  • Difficulty in establishing and using goals to guide behavior
  • Inability to keep emotions from becoming overpowering
  • Inability to shift from one mental activity to another



  • 短期記憶が困難
  • 組織だった計画ができない
  • 目標を設定して行動することが困難
  • どうにもならないことに対して感情が抑えられない
  • 感情の切り替えができない


ADHD affects about 4.1% of adult males and females age 18-44

  • 20% of adults with ADHD also have learning disorder and major depression or bipolar disorders with 50% having an anxiety disorder
  • 1 in 5 adults with ADHD also contend with substance abuse

Summary: Children with ADHD grow into adults that have ADHD and mental illnesses


  • ADHDの20%が学習障害、うつ病、双極性障害などになり、また、50%が不安障害を持つことになります。
  • ADHDの成人は、5人に1人が薬物乱用に陥ります。



Causes of ADHD include:

  • Brain chemical imbalances: (dopamine, Norepinephrine) these chemical messengers affect mental and emotional function and play a role in the "reward response" to pleasure
  • Nerve pathways: (basal ganglia) causing tourette syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Genetic factors: parents or siblings
  • Brain structure: changes in the prefrontal cortex and cerebellum caused by free radical chemistry
  • Gender: boys are predominantly "combined type" while girls are mostly "inattentive types"
  • Food dyes: and deficiencies in essential fatty acids are risk factors.


  • ドーパミン、ノルエピネフリンなど、脳内化学物質の不均衡
  • 神経経路障害
  • 遺伝的要因
  • フリーラジカルによって引き起こされる前頭前皮質と小脳の構造変化
  • 性別(女の子は、ほとんどが不注意型。男の子は主に、組み合わせ型。)
  • 食用染料(必須脂肪酸の欠陥が危険因子)


According to the Journal of Physiology and Behavior

  • "ADHD inattentive symptoms may be improved by cocoa flavanols and dark chocolate"
  • Results: A one time serving of 720mg cocoa flavanols improved working memory and reaction time
  • These benefits were still measurable 1 week later

  • ADHDの不注意の症状は、ココアフラバノールとダークチョコレートによって改善することができます。
  • 1回に、720mgのカカオフラバノール摂取で、記憶と反応時間が改善します。
  • これらの効果は、1週間後も、まだ持続しています。


Three pieces of healthy chocolate given at one time delivers 1,520 mg of flavonoids(this is twice the needed levels found in study(720mg) there is one dark chocolate that adds omega 3 fatty acids to their chocolate

Note: most children with ADD and ADHD will benefit from eating protein and omega 3 fatty acids with their chocolate. Options include the antioxidant rich dark chocolate shake and omegas

ヘルシーチョコレート1個で、フラボノイドの1,520mgを摂取することができます。 これは、必要な量である720mgの倍の数値です。 さらに、オメガ3脂肪酸を含むショサイ・オメガスクエアは、より効果的です。



Improved spatial memory and performance of memory, reaction times, extended range of cognition are improved and can help ADHD people of any age.

It should be noted that a single serving of healthy chocolate taken once every 5 hours will give sustained blood levels for consistency and stability.




According to a study published in (Behavioral Change, march 2006)

  • Chocolate didn't negatively affect the behavior of ADHD preschool children compared to dried fruit.
  • Chocolate does not cause hyperactivity a review article.(ATYS Journal, 2005) its aroma relaxes the brain
  • (clinical Pediatrics, april 2011), reports that as much as 89% of ADHD children are mostly sensitive to artificial food colors. The suggestions to remove them from the diet.

  • チョコレートは、ドライフルーツに比べ、就学前のADHDの子供たちの行動に影響を与えませんでした。
  • チョコレートで、多動性障害に陥ることはありません。その香りが脳をリラックスさせます。
  • ADHDの子供の、実に89%が、人工的な食品の色に敏感であることが報告されています。日常の食事からそれらを除外すべきでしょう。


If it were me

  • I would start my day with a high antioxidant dark chocolate protein shake for breakfast
  • I would eat one dark chocolate serving with omegas every 5 hours
  • And remove additives, preservations, artificial food colors, or any allergens from the diet.
  • I would have every hope that the experts are correct that dark healthy chocolate with certified flavanol levels higher that 350mg per serving or 720mg at one bolus dose will help neutralize the free radical symptoms of ADHD in the brain, nerves neurotransmitters and toxins
  • Promoting benefits that are continuous


  • 抗酸化物質を豊富に含んだダークチョコレートプロテインシェイクの朝食で一日を始めるでしょう。
  • オメガスクエアを5時間おきに食べるでしょう。
  • そして、添加物、保存料、人工着色料、またはアレルゲンを食事から除外します。
  • フラバノールレベルの高いダークチョコレートが、ADHDの脳内のフリーラジカル症状を中和することに期待します。
  • これらの行動を継続して効果を高めます。


The experts have published their discoveries

Isn't it time you discovered the ADHD benefits of healthy chocolate?





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